Strom Troubles

Okay, So me and my friend Josh both work at Animal Kingdom, so we spend most of our time there but don't really spend time in other areas besides our roles. So after my shift got off at 1:30 we striped off our work clothes and headed straight for Kali River Rapids, it seemed to be a hot sunny day and we thought it was early enough that we would have time to dry off by the time we were to go back home. We went and got fast passes for Everest and then stood in line for Kali, about an hour long wait. That was the longest wait we've had since we've been here. We get to the loading dock and sit down in our raft. We felt a few sprinkles and joked about how if we don't get wet from the ride, the rain will make it look like we had fun.

About half way through the ride, it pours. I'm from Oregon, I'm used to rain. But this was Florida rain. It's thick and you can feel the heavy water hit every time. We got off Kali and ran to Everest. Surprisingly there was a short line, so we got right on the ride. Little did we know why people were hiding in the gift shops for cover. We were at the beginning of a thunder storm! We had the most painful ride of Everest ever cause the rain was like small rocks being pelted on our faces we couldn't see anything outside the mountain. Since we were already drenched, we splashed in puddles all the way to Dinoland. We decided to go to Dinosaur cause it was an indoor ride so it wouldn't be shut down due to thunder and lighting. I figured that would be the first ride people would run to because it's an awesome ride, and it's indoors. We went and found the place nearly empty!! So me and Josh got to ride Dinosaur...and then requested a re ride and got our own jeep to ourselves. It was just another wild day at Animal Kingdom. :)

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