Mo-Ball Responce

My "date" to Snowball (Joe) responded.

So i was sitting, bored out of my mind in computers class, and all of a sudden the door opens and a gorilla mask pops its head in. It was Joe! hahaha
So he came over to me and handed me 1/2 gallon of Cookie Dough Ice Cream (my favorite) and a banana, then he gave me a card and a photo. Then he just left. Everyone was staring at me it was funny! So i opened the card and it read "I Figured I should stop monkeying around and just say yes to mo-snowball!!! Now I'm going to make like a banana and Split!"

So i later found out that he was going to get me a banana split, but found out that i dont really like them, so he got me my favorite icecream instead! =]

Its been real.

Thats the picture he gave me^