Sugar Pie Honey Bunch...

...Oh baby i love you!

Session 1 Micah & Garrett

The first of Many sessions with my soon to be sister-in-law!
59 more days!


Erik's Rachel <3

OSU sucks


Wedding Website

I've been
Working on Garrett's and Micah's wedding website.
Let me know whatcha think! ;)

i-cover Winter 2012

BYU-I Presents
winter 2012

The 3 Amigos

I am so grateful for my best buds Chris & Morgan. We've become the three amigos of Rexburg, it's rare if you see one of us with out the others. Sadly, Morgan won't be here next fall term. He will be missed, but never replaced. We only have 18 more days together before we all head back to our previous lives. I in Oregon, Chris in Pittsburg, and Morgan in Colorado. I love that a silly little wasteland such as Rexburg could bring us great friendships.

Kelton is the greatest friend anyone could ask for.

I love you kelton! You're always looking out for me. You're alway there for me. Thank You. You're just what I needed to get through this rough semester.

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved
-President Thomas S. Monson

Fellow Blogger

Check out my friend Jackson's blog


Rewind and Re-edited

Happy Pi Day!

Thanks to Scathingly Brilliant for this playlist
I put together a little playlist using the first nine digits of pi! Enjoy!

1. Honey Pie // The Beatles
2. We THREE // Frank Sinatra
3. Number ONE // Goldfrapp
4. FOUR Strong Winds // Marianne Faithfull
5. Just ONE of Those Things // Bryan Ferry
6. FIVE Minutes More // Frank Sinatra
7. Beethoven's NINTH (Ode to Joy) // Jingle Cats
8. Takes TWO to Tango // Annette Funicello
9. SIX to Go // The Pogues
10. FIVE // Joan Jett

Love Doesn't have to change with age

Heart Ache

So don't you doubt me what I've been dreaming, 'Cause it fills me up and holds me close whenever I'm without you.

Tore My MCL

So I went on this Ward Sledding trip. And tore my MCL..
So pretty much all my weekends in Rexburg are ruined. I can't sled, snowmobile, ice skate, play wallyball, swim, frisbee, lazer tag, zumba, dance, or anything cool.

It really sucks mainly because I have a wallyball tournament this week. My team is seated #1 in the tournament and we had a good shot at winning the championship. It's not that I don't have faith in my team, but we need 4 players to cover all holes in the court. In some ways, Rexburg is just a waste of time now. Ugggh.

Won't know for about 6 weeks if I'll need surgery or not.


Morgan & Colton Engagement!

i've fallen in love