Disney College Slaves

As much as I love working for Disney, We college kids have to put up with so much crap.

I feel this song best describes Disney College Program


The friends I have made here are ones I hope to keep for a long time. We all clicked so fast and everyday we get together in some way. I guess going to disney parks really bring people together. The core is going strong and the boys now all live together...minus drew.
I don't want to sound ungreatful for my new friendships, but I really wish my best friends were here to experience this with me. Like
My best friend Christopher, I haven't heard from him since we left school. And I miss that kid like crazy! I just wish he was here to see how happy I am and that the old alli is back and here to stay.
Also Sora, she's in idaho and I feel like once I go back to school all I'm going to talk about is my crazy disney stories. Like how RM's talk about mission stories. I feel like I'm always bragging to her when I give her an update on what I've been up to.
The people here are great. I just wish I had both my old and new friends here. Is that too much to ask? Lol

Plans for the Future

The other day I was working as Grouper at Prime Side A, I love working grouper cause I make it a game how fast I can get the line moving and it's a lot of organization which I love doing. So I had this group of 4 ready to go. One was an older grandpa guy with 3 teenage boys. Before their car was ready, The grandpa asked If they could take a picture with me. I agreed and we took a great shot. Right before they were loaded into the car, the grandpa said " We couldn't find Minnie Mouse, Or any Princesses here, So you were the next best thing! Thanks!"

hahaha how sweet! It was the funniest comment I've heard from a guest, and It got me thinking how weird it would be to be in entertainment and have people take pictures with you. You'll forever be in their family albums. How cool is that!!

So next year when I come back, I really really want to nail the audition and work in entertainment :)

here's to the future!