Earning the title ''Artist''

So, In my photography class we were assigned to do a Photomosaic. A Photography technique Created by David Hockey. We take digital photographs of an object or scene. Then begin by standing in place and photographing the subject and its environment for that one position. Until We have completed shooting the entire scene, We cannot move from that spot. In addition each image must be slightly overlapped as it is shot. Once printed, all the images are combined to creat the mosaic effect.

My teacher was blown over when I completed my assignment that she put it up in the student art show held at the Bush Barn's art gallery. I did not win any awards because it wasn't exactly in the photography category. Better yet, my peice did get a bid!! It feels way good to have someone interested in my art enought to purchase it for their own home! I've got my foot finally out the door, and my photo up in frame.

My photo mosaic titled "We do big things."

Lighted Portraits

Old Times New Style

Well, Ashley Loney took these photos for a photo assignment back like May or June 2009. I never really was too happy with my modeling during the shoot. lol but Since ive been home sick I figured I would mess around with them and try some new editing tools I found. This is what I came to find:

Home Sick Results in Editing!

I was pretty bored at home, So i decided to make a new tile friend background for my Youtube channel. Check it!

A Splendid Countryside Adventure

It is Your time, now.

This is it,
Class of 2010

Fishie Fotoshoot!

Fishie Fotoshoot!

Spring Into the Season

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Glance back on Gretchen

Lacrosse is Back!

Silly Sprague Shirts

Shirt Designs I've done for events, including Sprague's Senior Party, Sprague's Dodgeball fundraiser, & Sprague's Lacrosse team.
Great learning experince...and alot of fun! =]

The Goose House

Remeber the time...

Recaping some favorites of mine. Taken in 2009