November 15th 2008

Me, Austin Papritz, Ashley Loney, Emma Lounsbury, and Ami Hines, started the most coolest group ever!!! We are the "Mexican Seahorse Revengers" (MSR) We have the coolest hand shakes, the coolest people, the coolest videos, the coolest meetings, and soon we are going to have the coolest shirts! Yep! We're working on the designs now!

In ASL Class......

Me and Shawnie got bored in ASL class, so we took pics. Her camera lets you to choose a color and it will find that color and keep it that color and turn anything that is a different color to black and white. It's pretty impressive.

November 19th '08

Dude, computer class is so boring. So i'm going to put random photos i have either made in this class or just random ones from the internet, either way.....i'm adding photos.