Disney Days

Man, I have been so busy! It's great! so much to do!
First off I made these great friends, the group of 6 meet up at our first bus stop after check in and we've been together ever since! We are....THE CORE!

First off there's

Bethany: She's from Las Vegas Nevada, goes to school at BYU-I and works Quick food and beverage at Typhoon Lagoon! We are both HUGE Star War fans, and can't wait for star wars weekends to start!!

Next there is Steeeeeve. He's from California and graduated at BYU-H. He works as a Life Guard at A Resort. 

Then Cameron, He's from ...Oklahoma (not really but it's an inside joke, haha)
 he goes to BYU Provo, and his roll is custodial at Epcot.

Josh Hawkins is a cool kid! He's from Washington and speaks Cambodian! He goes to school at BYU Provo and his roll is custodial at Animal Kingdom!! (DAK BUDDIES!) Oh and he's a baker!!

Then it comes down to the non member, Drew Dicksen. He's from Chicago and goes to school at Robert Morris University. He plays volleyball as a 6 6' setter. We get along pretty good, and he loves to act and perform. Oh and if you ever have ANY question about a Disney Park, just ask Drew, he's better then Wikipedia when it comes to Disney knowledge! His roll is Quick food at The Wide World of Sports.

Then there's me
The Oregonian who has always had a true Disney heart, I am so blessed to be living my dream of working as a Disney cast member and am reminded of it every night as I leave the turnstiles. I work attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom (so far my favorite park!!!) I love animals! and I love Disney, so it was a perfect fit for me! Disney is all about dreams, wishes, and magic, and I am just a girl who has gotten to experience what it feels like to be working for the Mouse. :)

Have a magical day!

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