My First Magic Moment

I was pissed all day, i literally was at t-spin ALLL DAY,
but then this little girl made my whole day
it was perfect
my last rotation i was prime merge
and she came the night before and rode prime with her mom like 6 times
and she came back tonight to animal kingdom just to ride prime the last 2 hours
and so i gave her some fastpasses
and then never collected them from her, so she kept going
and then like 30 mins before closing

she came up to me, and her mom said, "Angel would like to thank you, you made her whole week" and then Angel gave me a big hug
and her mom asked to get a picture with me
so i knelt down and she sat on my knee, gave me a big hug, and i let her wear my hat for the picture.
it made my whole day
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