Disney Winter Princess Shoot



Snow White
I really had fun with these images, can ya tell?

Playing with Gifs

Catching Fire Premiere!

Wow,  so great! I went to the last one. And now this one.
I'm not much of a reader...but dang this movie was so sick I might need to pick up that 3rd book!

Think I could pull of Katniss?

brockalli photography
it had to be done.

I suffer from Depression. And I'm one of the lucky ones.

A Palace for God to Live.

“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” -  C.S. Lewis

We may have plans and ideal images of our lives, but ultimately God's plan will always be the best for our lives. If we were a living house, we must work everyday to better our foundation so that God can prepare and build a palace in place of a cottage. The usual cracks and leaks must be fixed too, but sometimes God has bigger plans for us that may even mean knocking down something we've built before. My goals to better build my foundation according to God's Will starts with these:

  • Forgive Myself, take note of the things I have gain, and forgive myself on the things I lost.
  • Trust Him, He has and always will be there guiding me.
  • Learn to see God's love for me.


I caved

Alright alright, I caved... I finally made a tumblr. Will my social networking ever end? Nope!
Brock.alli Photography taking over the web!


and as soon as I can get my hands on a new ipod, i'll update my instagram!

Advance Photography Assignment


Help Drew's Dream Come True!

Want to make someone's dream come true? It takes less then a few minutes, My friend Drew Morris is in the final stretch of a contest to meet his Idol John Mayer!!! If you can click this link and watch the video it'll put him that much closer to his life long dream! Thank you guys! and good Luck Drew!!!



I had to do this weird scan thing for my art class.

Each object represent a big part of my summer at Disney.
Mickey Mouse - being able to call myself a cast member and him being my boss
Name Tags - My childhood dream came true!
Star Wars name tag- Being apart of star wars weeks was insanely busy!
Animal Kingdom - Where I worked
Pumba safety - I worked attractions and gave out hundreds of those safety cards reminding guest about the park rules.
Pins- I spent my days off trading pins on my cast landyard. 
Dino Blue Hat- that was part of my costume 
drawing of pluto - I took over 10 drawing classes on my days off
Pirates of the Caribbean Medallion - I got stuck on that ride for over 30 minutes...We must have been cursed! 

Good Morning

Insomnia sucks, The nights I worry about not getting enough sleep...I end up not sleeping at all. So here I made this for all of you to enjoy waking up to ;)

Grimm Brother's

I had to do an assignment for my class making a mock book cover of a Grimm Brother fairytale. I choose Cinderella, let me know how you think I did! :)

Disney Kid

I have battled dragons,
pirates and evil queens.
I have wished upon stars
and flown to Neverland.
I dream the impossible.
I have seen magic.
I believe in fairytales.
I am a Disney girl.

Flag Face

My advance photography class is so fun, check out these weird project we practiced with

My first gif!

Look out blog! Here comes the beginning of the gif's!

DCP Talk

This weekend my roommate got to barrow her friend's car with a handicap sticker, without knowing she called it Princess Parking! I stood still for a second and then told her that was a disney term! I also got to talk to another CP alumni and got to talk disney with her! It made me realize how much we used code back in Florida, So to keep me from forgetting, He's the main ones to quiz myself. :) 

MK . Magic kingdom. 
DAK . Animal kingdom.
TTC. Transportation and ticket center. 
Mark V. Monorail. 
CP college program. 
ICP international college program. 
EMH extra magic hours. 
101 attraction down . 
Protein spill. Vomit. 
Alpha. ambulance . 
Mountain range. 
PAC shifts.
Parade Super Greeter
Yellow lines. 
Friends with____ . 
Hanging out with_____. 
RAC boards. 
Rider Assistance cards. 
Company D. 
Princess Parking
Super Greeters. 
Hold car. 
Parade is at 3.45. 
Princess and buddy. 
Magical moments. 
Little cousin . 
Main gate. 
Birthday hotline! 
Costuming . 
Disney ID. 
PACtivities .
IOA island of adventure. 
Signal 70. 
Miss piggy!! 
Oooo( in Ethan's voice)
Dino foamies. 
5372-funhouse !
Princess Parking!

Drew and I at Graduation,
both of us had dreamt of this moment for a very long time.
I miss this kid a lot.

Happy Haunts!

99 Happy Haunts, but there's room for one more!
Haunted Mansion -Brock.alli Photography
brock.alli photography


It's one of those nights again, can't sleep.
I get a lot of reflection through long nights like these, This time I realized I hadn't had a bucket list. Almost everyone has one, (thanks to pinterest) but then I realized how many cool fun things I have already done with my life it's crazy to think how much more I could do!

I've been to.....

Washington DC



Las Vegas




I've been to Disneyland

Disney World

Ceader Point

6 Flags Magic Mountain

Universal Studio's Orlando

Bushe Gardens


Kennywood PA

rode the tallest/faster coaster

rode the tallest free fall

got stitches

experienced road rash

gone sailing

gone camping

gone shooting

swam with sharks

had fireworks on my birthday

became a cast member

fell in love

started a business

overcome fears

gone to college

saw a concert

danced all night long

completed 3 zumbathons!

graduated High School

lived on my own

learned to wakeboard
grew my own testimony

became an artist

tore my MCL

Loved My job

Survived Rexburg's Winters
Learned to Play the drums

Met some amazing people who changed my life.

and so much more!! It's getting kinda late, but I want to add more, not to brag. but to thank everyone who has blessed my life. I can't believe it.

Rama Cast Members

 I miss all my Ramas so much!

The best CP in Dinoland was Mohamad Bahlawan. He knew Prime, Parade, and rotations better then anybody. He's from Gainesville, Florida studying Engineering. Mohamad is so nice and He loves to make fun of me dancing on station. One time I was really sick at work, and Mohamad came up to me and told me to take his break, that would mean he would work for 4 hours straight without a break! I couldn't let him do that but he was so sweet in offering. Mohamad is now a seasonal cast member he said "Not gonna lie, coming back to Disney, I missed you and your personality the most. I was hoping to see you then realized, you're gone..." He's so kind and hard working, Disney is so lucky to have him.

Jessica Shipman & Katie Burdick were some of the sweetest girls in Rama. Hard workers and a great love for Disney! I loved working with these girls! We'd always get a kick of 105's and strange guest. Even on long bus rides home, we'd giggle making Disney park jokes and quotes. These two were my Rama girls!

Javi Gonzalez is one of the funnest people I've ever met. He loves to talk about food, and is very open about anything. He loves to take care of me, I'll sit on his lap and he'll place my head on his shoulder and say " How you doing baby girl, Javi is here!"

Jim O'Neil is one of Rama's triple threats. He's a trainer for all the attractions in Dinoland! He is one heck of a funny guy who is always looking out for others. He always had my back and would always tell me how he thought I was the best cast member. He wasn't afraid to brag about me to the managers on a daily basis. He always brought my spirits up on those hot sweaty days of Rama. He'd come up hold my hand and ask how his Alli was doing.

This is Ian, he became one of my best friends. Who would have thought something good could come out of Rama? Well this kid is one of the most fun cast members to work with. Anytime we were on station together we would always be doing funny voices or Michael Jackson moves to pass the time. Me and Ian did almost everything together, Universal Studios, Walmart Trips and even wheel chair races after hours in Epcot's parking lot! He's one of the reasons I kept my spunk throughout my college program. He I and Drew were the triple threat, and we're planning on taking over next summer for another Disney College Program!

Ethan Bice is quite the cast member, he knows his stuff better then some of the trainers. He works full time and even worked at space mountain. If you ever want a laugh just give Ethan a holler. I will always remember his laugh and the "ohhhhhhh" he does whenever theres a dirty joke. We had so much fun at tower and dispatch sending cars off by saying "TIME MACHINE ACTIVATE!" He's great at themeing and is always there to help if I had any questions.

Who doesn't love Paolo Mazza! He cracks me up! He's so expressive and would be as crazy and out there and doesn't care who's watching. He graduated the same time I did and I remember that last week we went insane. The muppets somehow made their way into Dinoland and miss piggy was on a rampage on primeval whirl! It was up to me and Paolo to warn all of those about to ride Kermit's swamp! Thanks to Paolo's example, I have learned too that I don't have to care what people think about me, as long as I am who I am. :)