My Secret Disney Wedding

After getting purposed to at Disneyland, and the huge viral following along with it, I got some grief when people heard I wasn't doing a Disney themed wedding. I thought it was kinda silly of them, because if they truly knew me they would know I would sneak Disney in any kind of wedding I would have had. So that's what I did. I had a Travel Themed wedding with suitcases, cameras, maps and globes! I knew I wanted to incorporate Disney somehow, but in a classy way. One of my favorite things about the Disney parks is how much story and meaning goes into each detail. I used that to inspire me while planning my wedding. So in case you couldn't make it to the wedding, or if you may have over looked... Here are some of my "Hidden Mickey's" at my wedding.

Here are my 6 bridesmaids. (including my maid of honor Gretchen) Alex, Emma, Sora, Lindsi, Shelby and Hannah. I choose 6 bridesmaids to secretly represent the 6 princesses that had been released up until I was born.  (Snow White-1937, Cinderella-1950, Aurora-1959, Ariel-1989, Belle-1991, Jasmine-1992)  I didn't want them to dress up like specific princesses, because I wanted a nice color scheme in the photos.

My flower designer did a fantastic job and even put a gold Mickey Mouse on my bouquet!

Even my earrings and Vail had hidden Mickey's on them!

 Our friend Theresa Britton did our cake for us! I love love love the white classic Minnie and Mickey!

My wedding ring was a dream come true!!

 Hidden Travel Mickey's in the garland too!
 My dog even made his appearance at the wedding!
 On the tables, my friend Rebekah from Ritzy Reba designed these adorable table cards. Each table had a different place that Chris and I have visited together!
 I'm sure this one got over looked. But It means a lot to me. By our wedding cake I had this small jar of glitter. What it actually represents is my Belle's from working at Enchanted Tales with Belle. Before we left Disney and went our separate ways, my roommate and closest Belle girl Christine, gave us all jars of "pixie dust" so that we could always find our way back home to the cottage. I still have my pixie dust and think of all my Belles.

At our reception we served lots of treats you may find at the confectionary on Main Street. Even the Murray letters are inspired by how much I love Main Street USA at night.

 This one I wish I had planned, but it was such a great surprise! One of our friends brought her daughter dressed up as Cinderella. My heart was so overjoyed and it was so fun having a princess at the wedding!

 This was a painting I did that actually has a collage of Salem and Pittsburgh, (Where mine and Chris's families live)

To finish off our night, we were sent off with our "Kiss Goodnight"

*Photos taken at the wedding were done by: Kristina Curtis Photography
*Photos of my wedding ring were taken by: Brock.alli Photography

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