Preview of Gretch

I gave in

I gave in and got an insta gram account. oh jeez, be ready for lame photos turned cool because of predetermined effects.

Photoshop Experiments

Wow. I got carried away, but it looks so cool! reminds me of some old painting in art history class.

Photo Book

Finished Garrett & Micah's wedding book on shutterfly!
take a look and tell me what you think :)

Create a gorgeous, high quality wedding photo album at

More Experimenting

I've got an engagement shoot tomorrow, so i'm testing out my new skins again. ;)

New photoshop actions!

He has my heart

My heart just about melted when he sent me this letter,

you're so beautiful
i miss you
with your kisses and your touches
and i pull you in close and whisper all the things i love about you
between my breaths, kissing you repeatedly down your neck and lips
how beautiful you are
how soft your skin is
how perfect we fit
how warm your love is
how warm i feel holding your hand on the long walks home
how your face makes me light up
how your laugh makes me laugh
your smile makes me smile
how you cheeks brush my face as we kiss and i can feel your hand dig into my back with passion that we can never get close enough
how sweet you are to hold me when i am sad
how we cry together
how when i am sad you know it and your sad too
i care about you and want happiness for you cause your the most amazing and caring individual i have met
how i could look at you for years and never be satisfied enough to look away
how i can just hold you till my body gave out
how close we are and comfortable we are with everything
no secrets
just friendsship forever
just me and you. us.
both of us laying down and sharing our hopes and dreams and achieving them together
making sure everyday your feet touch the ground i am there to catch you if anything knocks you down
how you can make a whole auditorium fall in love with you in secs
just hearing your laugh your jokes your smile and you
your an amazing person
i could never find anyone else like you
your one of a kind unique to you and i wish to never change your amazing spirit
i wish i could be as smart as you are and as lucky as you are to have such confidence in who you are and how you present yourself and never look back
your courage is unmeasurable to anyone your the one that doesnt stop no matter what even if it will kill you
your spirit could perice diamonds and shatter them with your kindered heat
your so loving and fair sensable and fun
never boring always creative
your alli brock
your amazing
 am i love you for who you are and care about you so much that i would do anything to make you live the happiest life to come in this exsistance
thank you for being in my life
i miss you and care about you so much
i love my best friend
i love you.