Evan 10 months

Fantasyland Operations

Two months down, can you believe it? It's crazy to think how I got here.
I'm now in Fantasyland working at Enchanted Tales with Belle, it's a cute character experience and right now the closest thing to entertainment, without being in entertainment. It's fun, but really slow paced. I picked up a shift at Dinoland and loved it. I just don't like standing around all day, it makes the days seem longer. Luckily I have some awesome coworkers that keep me entertained.

 All the Cp's at Belle are girls, which is crazy to think we don't have as much drama as that would sound. We're all really chill and open with each other, I guess not having guys work there means we're not trying to one up each other. So maybe that helps we don't have guys. Since we all work basically closing, our line gets really dead towards the end of the night, and we Belle girls get a little....loopy. We start dancing, singing, and delusional it's pretty great. Linda (Na Na) Divya (De De) Caitlyn, Kristen, Alyx, Megan, Amber, Rachel, Rose, Brittany, Ashleigh, and I would love to chat it up if you're ever lonely at Magic Kingdom, come by and say hi!