My Secret Disney Wedding

After getting purposed to at Disneyland, and the huge viral following along with it, I got some grief when people heard I wasn't doing a Disney themed wedding. I thought it was kinda silly of them, because if they truly knew me they would know I would sneak Disney in any kind of wedding I would have had. So that's what I did. I had a Travel Themed wedding with suitcases, cameras, maps and globes! I knew I wanted to incorporate Disney somehow, but in a classy way. One of my favorite things about the Disney parks is how much story and meaning goes into each detail. I used that to inspire me while planning my wedding. So in case you couldn't make it to the wedding, or if you may have over looked... Here are some of my "Hidden Mickey's" at my wedding.

Here are my 6 bridesmaids. (including my maid of honor Gretchen) Alex, Emma, Sora, Lindsi, Shelby and Hannah. I choose 6 bridesmaids to secretly represent the 6 princesses that had been released up until I was born.  (Snow White-1937, Cinderella-1950, Aurora-1959, Ariel-1989, Belle-1991, Jasmine-1992)  I didn't want them to dress up like specific princesses, because I wanted a nice color scheme in the photos.

My flower designer did a fantastic job and even put a gold Mickey Mouse on my bouquet!

Even my earrings and Vail had hidden Mickey's on them!