Birds in Florida

The birds here, ARE CRAZY! I've never seen such weird looking birds!!

Today at animal kingdom, I was walking to go backstage when I saw this crane. It was doing the weirdest walk I've ever seen, it reminded me of the lion king when Simba is stalking Zazu. A photopass employee walks by and stops to join me in the entertainment coming from this bird. The bird sneeks past this guy who is passed out on this bench and the photo guy took the picture and put his pass into the man's backpack. hahaha
You think that would be the end of it. BUT WAIT THERES MORE!

The bird continued it's swag into a bush and then BAM it snatched up a LIZARD!! it had a lizard handing out of it's beak squirming around!! I'm floored at this point and a small crowd starts to form watching this bird with a lizard hanging out of its mouth. The bird attempts to kill it's pray by chomping down on the lizard, but it continued to struggle. Then the bird had enough, and swallowed the lizard whole!! Since the anatomy of this bird is very thin, you could see the live lizard moving in the neck of the bird.

Wow, whata wild day.

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