Happy 3rd Anniversary!

back on May 25th 2012 Garrett married Micah,
Its been a fun filled adventure having Micah in the family and even more fun with Braxton joining in!
Here are some pictures we took last time Braxton came to visit us in Utah. 

I just love him so much!!! He's so cute!

Pizza Hut Selfie PSA

So lots of fun things happen in Utah,
One example, be an extra in a Pizza Hut commercial! hahaha
Me and Caleb heard about it through our friend Kyle Coats who works for the company Shareability. 
Pizza Hut hired them to put this commercial together and I got to be an extra on the set. Here's the video!
 It was a lot of fun mainly to just be on set. You can see how much fun we had here in the behind the scenes video:

In other news, I'm almost done editing Braxton's 7 month Photos!!!

Sora Lee - Fashion

My roommates sure are fantastic! These were shot for my final for my Photographic Project class. I challenged myself to learn a new style that I have been wanting to do since I've started but never had the resources to create. I hope you all enjoy and follow me on this new journey. Post your comments below and let me know what kind of style you would like to see!