Jacob & Tashina

The Gringoz

So My good friend Drew Loughran is in this Punk band from Southern California, The Gringoz!!
Me & My best friend Lindsi Lake had the privilege of making his band's logo. Drew & I had come up with the idea,  Lindsi drew it out, and I digitally enhanced it. We're pretty proud of our finished product. What do you think??
Make sure to check out the Gringoz on facebook!!

Easter Frisbee Day

We had such a fun group! I wished we had met up at the beginning of the semester!!
Easter this year was so much fun with friends and roommates! Couldn't have asked for a better day! A BBQ and then going out and playing Frisbee! to top it off the weather was so good to us! Thanks you sun! Hope you all had a great a great Easter!!

New Mickey Mouse Short

I don't know if it is just me, But I love this style of vintage Mickey Mouse, this new short came out March 12th, What do you think of the new style?
27 days till I'm in Disneyworld!!!!

Croissant de Triomphe on Disney Video