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Lacrosse Season Closer


Long live Sprague Lacrosse!


So, this sweet sweet girl in my photo class neeeded to take some pictures, and asked if I would be her model. I was flattered and happy to help! These are some of the fun pictures she took for Silhoette and Point of Veiw. She took the pictures and let me edit them after she was done. So this is a mix of Jessica's Photography. =]Enjoy!


Today I will be taking Alex's Senior Portraits. So just thought I'd make a post. So I'll post some photos when I'm done.

Prom at the Palace

Iron Man 2 Premire

We had the bestest seats. Upper Section, Dead Center, and the bar to put our feet on and chillax. I was way excited, so I made this. =] =]

May it be May already!

Hey! looks like prom!

We had a professional photographer come, so I dont quite have those yet, but here is a photo I took before I picked up my date. (Poor Curt, he STILL can't drive. haha)