Learning to Love

Christopher and I had met back in January 2012. I was going threw some really hard life lessons and Christopher was the best blessing to help me through it all. He easily became my best friend. Now here we are now four years later and we are now sealed together for eternity.

Before we were married, I remember everyone giving me their input on marriage and how everything will change. I felt that having known Chris for so long, that our transition wouldn't be quiet as dramatic to others who have dated a shorter amount of time.

What I am starting to learn is, no matter how cute and sweet your fiance may be, he's still a boy and once your married... he still a boy. That means; the dishes may sit out longer then you want, the clothes on the floor mean they are still fair game to wear, and your bathroom will never be the same beauty station you once knew.

I think the hardest lesson I am still trying to understand is his love of fixing things. My dad was a California beach boy, Chris has an engineer heart and won't settle for buying things he knows he can build or fix himself. It gets frustrating because he'll spend hours on it, spend money on tools, parts, and oil, and I have no idea if or when it'll be actually fixed. His motorcycle means a lot to him, but it also has cost more then I can keep track.

Most importantly I've learn to love more then I ever thought I could. Waking up and seeing him so somber on his pillow makes it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. Making him a special meal and taking walks in the park couldn't be any more rewarding. I can truly say I married my best friend, my partner in crime, my favorite teammate. I know we have a lot of life ahead of us, but there is no one I'd rather spend it with.

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