It's one of those nights again, can't sleep.
I get a lot of reflection through long nights like these, This time I realized I hadn't had a bucket list. Almost everyone has one, (thanks to pinterest) but then I realized how many cool fun things I have already done with my life it's crazy to think how much more I could do!

I've been to.....

Washington DC



Las Vegas




I've been to Disneyland

Disney World

Ceader Point

6 Flags Magic Mountain

Universal Studio's Orlando

Bushe Gardens


Kennywood PA

rode the tallest/faster coaster

rode the tallest free fall

got stitches

experienced road rash

gone sailing

gone camping

gone shooting

swam with sharks

had fireworks on my birthday

became a cast member

fell in love

started a business

overcome fears

gone to college

saw a concert

danced all night long

completed 3 zumbathons!

graduated High School

lived on my own

learned to wakeboard
grew my own testimony

became an artist

tore my MCL

Loved My job

Survived Rexburg's Winters
Learned to Play the drums

Met some amazing people who changed my life.

and so much more!! It's getting kinda late, but I want to add more, not to brag. but to thank everyone who has blessed my life. I can't believe it.

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