Plans for the Future

The other day I was working as Grouper at Prime Side A, I love working grouper cause I make it a game how fast I can get the line moving and it's a lot of organization which I love doing. So I had this group of 4 ready to go. One was an older grandpa guy with 3 teenage boys. Before their car was ready, The grandpa asked If they could take a picture with me. I agreed and we took a great shot. Right before they were loaded into the car, the grandpa said " We couldn't find Minnie Mouse, Or any Princesses here, So you were the next best thing! Thanks!"

hahaha how sweet! It was the funniest comment I've heard from a guest, and It got me thinking how weird it would be to be in entertainment and have people take pictures with you. You'll forever be in their family albums. How cool is that!!

So next year when I come back, I really really want to nail the audition and work in entertainment :)

here's to the future!
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