Oregon Grown

Growing up in Oregon, you don't really realize how lucky you are. It wasn't until I moved to Idaho for college that I found my inner Oregonian pride. You just don't get green like this anywhere else. I love our water, and how you can drink it out of the hose. I love our grass, that you can fall asleep because it's as soft as a blanket. I love the smell of fresh rain and how everything starts to sparkle from the raindrops.

On my last trip to Oregon for our big wedding, I had a chance to take some of my bridesmaids to Silver Creek Falls. It was wet, and cold and slippery, but they were still amazed that a place like this was so close by! We didn't get to spend too much time here but I think they all had fun! Even little Gracie made the trip down to the South Falls!

 Oregonian Tip!! When your walking around, look for these clover like plants! Pick it up, and if you trust me... CHEW IT! It taste real good like a green apple! I got all my bridesmaids to do it and they liked it too!

 The behind the sense of their Instagram post...

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