Things I don't miss about Florida

Since I've been home, All I ever talk about is Disney, I know it may get annoying and I'm apologizing ahead of time. I feel like I'm gonna be like how when the RM's come home from their mission they always have "on my mission..." stories. Mine just happen to start out like "this one time at Disney..." hahahaha oh boy do I miss it!! 3 weeks before I left I started to make a list of the things I wouldn't miss about Florida so I could look forward to leaving the things on that list behind. I had no idea that the list would be this long!! here goes nothing!

In no praticular order...
Things I don't miss about Florida
1.  Transtar
2.  Thunder storms
3.  Bug bites
4.  Uneven tans
5.  Ponchos
6.  Greeter / grouper
7.  Tower Position
8.  All the Swearing
9.  Annoying guest
10. Parents who get mad at 48"
11. Super greeter
12. creepy Africans
13. lines that never move
14. Dishes of 7 roommates
15. cocrotches
16. lizards
17. Brazilians
18. tour groups
19. the kids who get too close to you at grouper
20. Expensive food
21. Having to plan out 3 hour Walmart trips because of bus scheduals 
22. Tourist
23. Spanish people pretending they don't speak English
24. Anyone who expects you to understand them while they ramble in another language .
25. People who don't think they have to fallow the rules cause they don't speak English
26. People who move the ropes!!!
27. Drew's bad attitude
28. Waiting for Asia to clear land
29. Ops Sheets / paper work
30. Coin Laundry
31. Bus to Church
32. Dripping back sweat
33. Cramming on the bus after MK
34. Missing the bus b/c forgot your ID
35. Rider Assistant Cards
36. ECV's
37. Rude cast members who won't bring out the pin board
38. Unbreathable costumes
39. Broken show effects
40. People who ask where dinosaur is
41. People who ask is it a roller coaster
42. Cars that don't lock
43. Lap bars on car #7
44. People who think they can bring they're short kid on if they are with an adult .
45. Dino land soundtrack
46. The smell of DAK in the morning
47. Penney flag pins
48. No restrooms for cast
49. Making kids cry cause they are too short for the ride.
50. T-spin Love bugs!
51. Florida Rain = Wet Work Shoes....for days.
52. T-Spin Rotation

Trust me the list for what I do miss, is nearly endless.

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