Yay! So me and one of my Rama coworkers went to Universal Studios, Orlando yesturday. It was so much fun! Ian works full time at Rama and is super paitent with helping me get the hang of things.
It felt so good to go on a real thrill coaster again. I just can't get enough of a twisty mountain of steel and speed!!
I can now check off...
The Incredible Hulk
Dueling Dragons side Blue
Hollywood Rip Ride Rollercoaster
Revenge of the Mummy
Of my list of coasters.
Hollywood rip ride was one of the best coasters I've been on. Wow whata rush! With a 90 degree lift, it starts off with you looking to the skies rocking out to a song of your choice! I couldn't believe how much fun I had! Me and Ian rocked out and were gonna buy the video it records but the lady said it was to dark ro film!! Dang it!! Oh well, can't wait to go back. I had an awesome time.

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