So I think I caught the Zumba fever! I practice all the time and even look up dances to songs that I think would be fun Zumba songs! haha

I go to Zumba every monday and thursday night to my favorite instructor Janelle! She is so fun and I love the energy she brings to every class. Sadly I recently found out that she is moving to Provo next semester!!! She insisted that I should become a Zumba instructor so she could pass the torch to me so to speak. I never had it cross my mind, but I now, I really want to. I can Zumba to the songs I like, do the dance moves I create, and have a blast doing it! All my roommates back me up, so now I just gotta save enough money so I can take the training session class to become an official Zumba instructor!!

I'm already working on my first routine. It goes to this song....I'll upload the video once the choreography is solid. :)

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